about me ^_^!!!!!!

First of all I would like to say thanks to god who has given me an oppourtunity to life in this world. Then I wanna say thanks to my parents, who have wanted be my best friends when I feel sad or happy, who have given me a suggestion and adviced if  I had a problem. Then I wanna say to my brother and sister, who have wanted to listen my sharing, protect me from unkind people or anything. Then I wanna say special thanks for all of my teachers and friends from kindergarden until now, without all of you, I’m nothing.

I was born on March 9th in Padang sixteen years ago. My Parents named me Ainil Mardiah. All of my friends call me Diah, but my teachers call me Ainil. So it’s up to you.

My study started from a small kindergarden, the kindergarden located in Rawang Katapiang exactly in an amazing school or maybe we usually called it with SLB. Next, I spent my elementery school in a small elementery school named SDN 08  Anduring. Then I continued my study in a populer islamic school, it is MTsN Model Padang.Now, I’m studying in one of Islamic senior high school in Padang, it is MAN 2 Padang.

As a student I must do my activities regularly. Bored surely, but thats my world untilI graduated my school.

I think thats all about me… thanks for your attention…. seee youuu…..


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